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Navigate the complexities of right of way for your projects with Texana Energy. We specialize in ROW feasibility, acquisition, and management, ensuring your projects advance smoothly with minimal disruption.


Simplifying Right of Way Challenges

Right of way acquisition can be fraught with challenges, from securing necessary permits to negotiating with landowners and managing documentation. Such complexities can delay projects and escalate costs, creating bottlenecks that hinder progress. Texana Energy addresses these issues head-on with comprehensive services designed to streamline every aspect of the ROW process. From initial feasibility studies to final construction support, our expert team ensures your project stays on track, within budget, and free from legal entanglements. We handle the details, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Right of way services

Our Land Man Services Include

Benefits of Choosing Texana Energy for ROW Services

Comprehensive Project Support

From feasibility studies to construction coordination, we provide end-to-end support ensuring that all phases of your ROW needs are managed effectively.

Expert Negotiation and Acquisition

Our experienced team excels in easement negotiations and land acquisitions, securing the rights needed for your project’s success with favorable terms.

Efficient Permitting and Compliance

We streamline the permitting process, ensuring all necessary approvals are obtained promptly while fully complying with regulatory standards.

Our Process

Our Proven Right of Way Process


Trusted Right of Way Solutions


Common Questions About Our Right of Way Services

We evaluate multiple factors including legal, environmental, and community impact to assess the feasibility of a ROW project, ensuring that all potential obstacles are considered before proceeding.

We use advanced mapping technologies and stakeholder input to select routes that minimize environmental and social impacts while considering cost-efficiency and project timelines.

Our team has extensive experience with local, state, and federal permitting agencies, allowing us to navigate complex regulatory environments and expedite the permitting process.

Our negotiations are based on thorough research, transparent communication, landowner relationships, and a commitment to achieving mutually beneficial agreements, ensuring all parties are satisfied.

Yes, our experience extends across various jurisdictions, enabling us to manage and coordinate projects that span different regulatory and geographic boundaries efficiently.

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